Johannesburg Workshop 2012

ICTs, Climate Change and Development: Awareness, Action, Agenda

A University of Manchester-APC Joint International Workshop
Funded by Canada's International Development Research Centre

Johannesburg, South Africa
23-24 January 2012

This international workshop was attended by 35 key individuals with strategic responsibilities for either ICTs or climate change in development organisations in the NGO, public and private sector.  Its three aims were: to raise awareness among participants of the role ICTs can play vis-à-vis climate change in developing countries; to identify and advocate specific actions that participants' organisations can take to improve the strategic integration between ICTs and climate change within development; and to identify the future ICCD agenda for policy-makers and strategists, for practitioners, and for research.

A guide to running your own ICCD training workshop can be found here.                            

A nine-page workshop report can be found here, summarising the ideas contributed by participants.  Links to presentations, photos and posters can be found below:

Activity: Day 1 Presenter(s)  

Workshop Introductions

Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina, Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK

Anriette Esterhuysen, APC

Edith Odera, IDRC

Workshop Participants Photo (118 kB)

Overview Concepts for Understanding ICTs, Climate Change and Development

Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina, Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK

ICTs, Climate Change and Development: Overview Concepts (PPT, 2.8 MB)

ICTs and Climate Change Mitigation

Richard Labelle, President, The Aylmer Group, Canada

ICTs for Climate Change Mitigation (PPT, 2.1 MB)

ICTs and Climate Change Adaptation

Angelica Ospina, Centre for Development Informatics, University of Manchester, UK

ICTs and Community-Based Climate Change (PPT, 306 kB)
Activity: Day 2



National and International Actions for ICTs, Climate Change and Development


ITU/Ghana Experiences in National Planning for ICTs, Climate Change and Development (PPT, 2.2 MB)

Organisation Strategies for ICTs, Climate Change and Development: Sector Considerations and Policy Contexts



Future Agenda Setting



Organisational and Network Action Plans


Activity: Poster Presentations



Helen Asiamah, Environmental Protection Agency, Ghana

Ghana: Climate Change and ICTs (PDF, 226 kB)

Rozi Bako et al, Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania

ICTs and the Environment: Romania and Europe (PDF, 232 kB)

Zahr Bou-Ghanem, UN-ESCWA

UN-ESCWA: ICT for Change (PPT, 269 kB)

Julian Casasbuenas, Colnodo, Colombia

Sustainable Development Projects in which Colnodo Participates in Colombia (PNG, 428 kB)

Sejla Dizdarevic, Oneworld South-East Europe

Oneworld Platform for South-East Europe (PDF, 305 kB)

Essam Hassan, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

Climate Change & ICTs in Egypt (JPEG, 1.5 MB)

Faisal Islam, Padma Research and Development Organization, Bangladesh

ICT-Enabled Knowledge Brokering for Rural Farmers in Bangladesh (PDF, 364 kB)

Cedric Knight, GreenNet, UK

Climate Change and ICTs: Some ICT Perspectives from the UK (PDF, 208 kB)

Hezron Mogaka, ASARECA, Uganda

Improving Agricultural Water Productivity under Varying and Changing Climatic Conditions in Eastern and Central Africa (PPT, 837 kB)

Orhan Osmani, ITU

Acting on Climate Change: The Role of ITU (PDF, 7.0MB)

Gabriela Perona, CEPES, Peru

ICTs, Agriculture and Climate Change (PNG, 768 kB)

Pushkin Phartiyal, Central Himalayan Environment Association, India

Using Mobile to Improve Agricultural Incomes / ICT and Community Carbon Forestry (PDF, 2.0 MB)

Kimbowa Richard, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development

Using ICTs to Monitor Implementation of a Regional Transboundary Lake Victoria Project (PDF, 876 kB)

Videos and Photos

Video interviews on ICTs and the environment undertaken with workshop participants

More photographs from the event are available on Flickr


Organisational participants can access details about Workshop Logistics